APS Lighting Equipment Guide

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There are multiple options for lighting equipment in APS. These kits do not require proficiencies, but as with all other APS checkouts, they do require an APS workorder. APS equipment is typically restricted to students in media-centric classes/programs and ILC's/SOS's. Before requesting equipment from APS, please familiarize yourself with APS policies and procedures here.


Please exercise caution with all lighting equipment checked out from Media Loan. The lights can get extremely hot and most require a lot of power.

When using lighting equipment from Media Loan, ALWAYS:

  • Use gloves to protect your hands
  • Tape down wires/cords to prevent tripping hazards
  • Weigh down heavy stands with sandbags
  • Plug lights into grounded outlets
  • Use gloves/hand protection when changing lamps (bulbs)


Touch hot lights without proper hand protection
Touch any lamp (bulb) with your bare hands
Expose lights to water
Expose lights to extreme weather/temperatures

Lamp (bulb) Changing

It is extremely important that you never touch any lamp with your bare hands. You hands are covered in oils that can get onto the lamp. Once this oil heats up, there is a high risk of the lamp exploding. If you ever need to change a lamp with these light kits, cover your hands with a glove or clean cloth. Every kit should come with spare lamps in the case. If you need help changing a lamp, please call APS (x5506) or stop by during open APS hours.

Know Your Circuits

These lights require a lot of power. Each house is divided into multiple circuits, as controlled by a circuit board, and each circuit has a capacity. Overloading a circuit will cause a blow-out and potential damage. Use the formula below to calculate the wattage a circuit is capable of supporting, without accidents:


Common household plugs are typically 15-20 amps circuits. Household voltage capacity is 110-120V, so for the purpose of this equation it's a good idea to round down to an even 100V to prevent any blow-outs. In an average house, each circuit is capable of supporting approximately 1500 Watts (15 x 100 = 1500). This is a conservative estimate and will be different per location.


Arri 1000W/650W
Arri 1000W/650W Open-Face

Number of lights: 3
Wattage: 650W / 1000W
Accessories: Barndoors, Stands, Scrims

The Arri 3-Light Kits come with three open-face focusing flood lights of the same wattage (1000W or 650W). They are designed for a wide range of film and photographic lighting applications. Each kit comes with three barndoors, 3 stands, and scrims.

The 1000W 3-Light kit provides beam angles of 65° in the flood position and 24° in the spot position. Each fixture will throw a beam of 695 footcandles 4.3 ft (1.4 m) in diameter, @ full spot, from a distance of 10 ft (3 m). It will provide a beam of 145 footcandles 13 ft (4m) in diameter @ full flood, from the same distance.

The Arrlite 650 has a 7.25" open face and provides beam angles of 70° in the flood position, and 26° in the spot position. Each fixture will throw a beam of 450 footcandles 4.3 ft in diameter @ full spot, from a distance of 10 ft. It will provide a beam of 100 footcandles, 14 ft diameter @ full flood, from the same distance.

Arri Softkey


Number of lights: 3
Wattage: 2x650W, 1000W
Accessories: Barndoors, Stands, Scrims

This kit includes two 650W Fresnel lights and one 1000W Softbox. The 650W Fresnel lights have a focusable spotlight which can be adjusted via a knob on the back of the light ("spot" for a narrowly focused beam, or "flood" for a wide beam). The beam angle in the flood position is 52 degrees, and a narrow 14.5 degrees in the spot position. The 650W in this kit has a 4.3" low expansion, borosillicate fresnel lens which casts a soft, even illumination across the beam.

The small size and light weight of the 1000W Softbox make it an excellent solution for a soft fill or key. The Softbox has a narrow profile of only 5.5" deep, in which the light bounces off a reflector in the back of the instrument for indirect, even, soft light.

Lowel Caselite


Number of lights: 1
Wattage: 55W each bulb
Accessories: Barndoors, Stand, Cord, Eggcrate, Stand Arm, Stand Mount

Lowel Caselites are designed to offer beautiful, soft, easy to use fluorescents in a compact, location-friendly system. The current popularity of fluorescent lights in film & video production is well deserved. They offer soft and efficient light at several times the output of incandescent halogen sources. These lights are ideal for interviews.

Caselites are compact, lightweight, rugged and completely self-contained without sacrificing output or light quality. The all-in-one Caselite is both light and case combined, and each one comes with a stand, eggcraft, cord, arm, and stand mount bracket. APS carries both 5300K (daylight) and 3000K (tungsten) compact fluorescent lamps. Additional lamps can be checked out separately.


Number of lights: 4
Wattage: Teenie-Weenie Mole = 600W, Teenie Mole = 650W, Mickey Mole = 1000W
Accessories: None

Each of these kits contains four open-face, tungsten balanced, quartz instruments that have spot-flood adjustments. Also available with the Mickey Moles/Teenie Moles/Teenie Weenie Moles are stands and accessory kits which include barn doors, scrims, dichroic conversion filters (which will balance tungsten light color to approximate daylight), and filter holders. These kits should meet most of your heavy duty lighting needs. A separate stand kit is also needed to fully utilize these lights as none of them come with stands.


Mini Mole

This kit contains four 200 watt tungsten balance instruments. The lights are small, have a fresnel lens, and come with snoots and aperture plates for better control of light. The inclusion of small desk stands make this kit perfect for 3D animation projects. The instruments can also be mounted on C-Stands for use in animation or as a small kick light hidden in a set.


This is a good lighting instrument for outdoor use as a fill light when using the sun as a key light source. Each kit is slightly different, one has 2-2 light Molefays, another has 1-2 light Molefays and accessories, and the third has 2-1 light Molefays and accessories. Each dichroic filtered lamp is rated at 605 watts and approximates 5,600 K daylight. Each kit requires separate light stands.

8-Tube Molescent


This is a very large light and holds 8 total fluorescent bulbs. The color temperature that we equip with the 8-Tube Molescent is CW (cool white). Each bulb is 15W each, which equals a total output of 120W for this instrument. Four bulbs can be operated at a time, which allows for more control of the output (60W-120W). The light this provides is diffuse and rather soft, and is a good instrument to match office or classroom lighting. Large frames for gels are provided with this light, as well as a wheeled junior-spud stand.


This kit comes with three lights: two Colortran Mini-Lites (500W), and one open-face instrument (750W). There are also three gaffer grip clamps and two stands. The clamps allow you to mount the lights to various surfaces and structures, which makes this kit very versatile. The Mini-Lites are very compact and are ideal for small sets. Each light in this kit is capable of supporting up to 1000W lamps.

2K Baby Softlite

2K BABY "ZIP" SOFTLITE (1000W / 2000W)

Number of lights: 1
Wattage: 1000W / 2000W
Accessories: Barndoors

Designed to fill the need for a small compact Softlight with high performance for locations and small sets where space is at a minimum. All the light comes indirect and unobstructed from diffuse surfaces. This instrument has two 1000W lamps and two switches to control them separately, allowing for 1000W or 2000W output.


This instrument comes with two switchable 1000W lamps. It provides soft, even fill light in a rectangular field with edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom uniformity. The Double Broad can be used as a key or fill light source. Separate stand required.