APS Sound Devices 302 Portable Field Mixer

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The Sound Devices 302 mixer is an industry standard field mixer for capturing professional audio. Its superb preamps and circuitry will give your film audio to the next level. It is available through APS at Media Loan.


Designed to capture audio for film, this high-end mixer features three XLR inputs and two XLR outputs. It includes an AC power adapter but can also be powered by three AA batteries for use in the field. Each channel has both coarse and fine trim knobs, 12V or 48V phantom power, a variable low-cut filter, and a pan selector switch. This mixer's other capabilities like stereo outputs (hence the 3 inputs with only 2 outputs) makes is a versatile tool. Its daylight-visible LED meter, carrying bag that can consolidate the mixer, recorder, and cables makes it convenient for quickly capturing professional audio.


Depending on your power source move the power switch in the bottom right corner to the correct position (INT for using battery bower, EXT for power adapter). Some lights should light up to indicate the mixer is on.


Plug your inputs into the left side of the mixer, outputs go in the right side. Next to each input is a mic/line switch and and mic powering switch. Select "PH" to activate phantom power on that input. Either 12V or 48V phantom power can be selected with the switch in the upper right corner. This applies to all inputs with "PH" selected. Most condensor mics that need phantom power will use 48V, but always double check and know your microphones! "DYN" stands for "dynamic". Since dynamic microphones don't need phantom power, this setting essentially means that powering is turned off for that input. The "T" setting stands for T-power which is another kind of power for some microphones. However, T-power is seldom used and only a small amount of microphones actually use it.

Despite being an output, the headphone jack is located on the left side of the mixer with the rest of the inputs.

Plug your outputs into the right side of the mixer. There are three XLR inputs and only two outputs. This is for stereo recording and will be explained below. For now, plug in your outputs and connect them to their destination. This will usually be a recording device. Media Loan offers field recording devices like the Olympus LS-100 or the Zoom H6 (APS). Both of these require proficiencies to check out.