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Lyris Lists

Lyris is an email management tool offering email list. An email list is a collection of individual email addresses that you can contact all at once. Individual members are subscribed to the list and can "write the list" at any time. Some faculty find it useful to organize their program communication through email lists. This can emcompass one-way communication where messages can be sent only from the faculty to a program list, or more group-oriented contribution and communication efforts, where all students have the ability to send to the list.

Once your Academic Computing Staff has helped you set up a list for your program they will inform you of the list (or you can request it) and how to simply administer it. To send an email to the list, send the email to: yourlistname@lists.evergreen.edu.

There are essentially two views of the lists, other than via your email client. You can view all lists currently in use at Evergreen on the web at http://www.evergreen.edu/lists.

And if you have a list already set up, you can also manage the list on the web (you must login). Click on "Utilities" and from there you can browse all of the options for your list.

For a list from Lyris, go to http://lists.evergreen.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl

Evergreen runs a Lyris listserv at http://lists.evergreen.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl
You can see all the current lists at http://www.evergreen.edu/lists/
There's a brief introduction at http://www.evergreen.edu/academiccomputing/lyris.htm

How to Setup a List

Faculty can ask to have a mailing list created by Contacting Academic Computing Staff. Other people should probably email John McGee or Amy Greene in Academic Computing. It usually takes a day or two. You can configure the list in many ways using the administrative menu page, but the original default settings will work fine for most cases - you do need to decide whether you want all the members to be able to send mail to the list, or want to only allow the list administrators to use it for announcements.

Faculty Adding Addresses

Faculty can add all the addresses for a program to a list by using the Custom Class List feature of Banner to get a list of student emails and then pasting that list into the Create Many Members window on the Admin page for a listserv list. (The listserv will accept combinations of names and email addresses in various formats. This is nice if you want to be able to look at the members and delete someone without having to know which of a lot of email addresses is that persons.