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A wiki (IPA: [ˈwiː.kiː] <wee-kee> or [ˈwɪ.kiː] <wick-ey>[1]) is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily, sometimes without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative writing. - from Wikipedia

Wiki Links

Curricular Uses

  • Collaborative Writing
  • Create a knowledge base
  • Presentation tool
  • Research Coordination and Collaboration
  • Conference and Colloquia Web Site / Coordination


  • Quick
  • Focus is on content versus presentation
  • Students can post their own work and get interactive feedback


  • Can become quickly chaotic
  • Possibility of losing or "orphaning" pages
  • Students need to create their own table of contents to show list of papers
  • Students need to create new pages in order to respond to peers' essays (what about using the discussion tab could be used for this?)