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What is it?

Microsoft Powerpoint is a popular computer presentation program (think "digital slideshow"). It is most commonly used to present ideas and images in a linear sequence. It is fairly easy to learn to use Powerpoint to make simple "click-through" slideshows to present your work. The program also has more advanced features that create animations and non-linear "interactive" possibilities.

Powerpoint is available for Windows or Macintosh, and in theory it is possible to bring your files between platforms. These files have a .ppt extension. Similar programs which may both open and export Powerpoint files are Apple Keynote (only on Mac OSX) and OpenOffice Impress.

Example presentations

Accessing Powerpoint

Powerpoint is available in the lab image as part of Microsoft Office 2003. A new version packaged as part of Microsoft Office 2007 may soon be available for use at Evergreen. Until such time, be careful in using the newer version because your presentation files may not open on Evergreen computers using the older version.

Powerpoint Help

Powerpoint Handout for Students.

Powerpoint tutorial