Accessibility Checklist

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Accessibility Checklist with How-To Guides Use this checklist to make sure you've got an accessible website: Click on the links below to learn more and improve the accessibility of your site.

  • Is the page styled in proper heading format?
  • Does the site provide adequate color contrast?
  • Do links use descriptive text?
  • Are lists created properly using the built-in bulleting/numbering tool?
  • Do images include alt (alternative) text?
  • If you include videos, do the videos have captions and/or transcripts?
  • Are PDFs Accessible? i.e. Can text be accessed by a screen reader?

Checklist for Accessibility within specific Canvas Features

  • Quizzes: Instructors can moderate a quiz for individuals who require more time or need multiple attempts. To learn more see the Canvas Guide for Quiz Exceptions.
  • SpeedGrader and DocViewer: DocViewer is a tool built into Speed Grader that allows faculty to leave annotated feedback on student work. The annotations are accessible and can be read by screen readers.
  • User Settings: The User Settings page had a feature option called High Contrast Style. Once enabled, this feature provides a higher contrast for buttons, tabs, and other areas throughout Canvas. To learn more see the Canvas Guide for changing user settings.