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Web Accessibility Guidelines for Tables

Create tables with column and/or row headers, and ensure a proper reading order.

Why Column Headers in a Data Table are Important

  • Using table headers is important to conveying tabular data accurately.

Why the Reading Order in a Table is Important

  • Screen readers read tables from left to right, top to bottom, one cell at a time (& only once). If cells are split or merged, it could throw the reading order off which may make the table difficult to comprehend by users who are blind and using a screen reader to navigate.

Accessible Tables in PowerPoints & Google Slides

Check the reading order

  • A screen reader reads a table from left to right, & top to bottom (never repeating a cell.)
  • Merged, nested, and split cells may change the reading order of a table.
  • Construct your table in a way that accommodates a good reading order

Indicate column headers for data tables.

Powerpoint (2011,2013,2016)

  1. Place the cursor in the top row of your data table.
  2. Click the Design tab under Table Tools (Mac - PPT 2011/2016: Tables tab)
  3. . In the Table Style Options group (Mac - PPT 2011 - Table Options > Options/ Mac - PPT 2016 - Table Design tab), select the Header Row check box.
  4. The cells in the top row of your table make up the column headers.

Google Slides

  • You cannot create table column/row headers in Google Slides.