Account Activation

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All active students automatically receive an Evergreen login, but this account needs to be activated before you can  access all your Evergreen resources.  To activate your account, follow the quick orientation steps listed below. Alumni should contact Registration and Records for account support at 360-867-6180.
  1. Login to with your default name and password.
  2. Change your password: The system will ask you to change your password. Make sure your password fits the minimum requirements as identified in this page and make sure it's something you can remember!
  3. Answer the secret question: This is what you will need to have in the case that you forget your password.
  4. Select your email preference: You can forward your Evergreen email to a third party provider (e.g., There are advantages to choosing this setting but there are also sometimes problems that can occur. (Note: Evergreen email is not issued to former student accounts. Therefore, users activating a former student account will not need to select an email preference but instead will go directly to the next step.)
  5. Accept the Copyright statement