Animation Lab Descriptions

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2D Capturing

These labs can be used to capture drawings, other flat artwork and small objects to a computer using Dragonframe

  • 2D Animation Multi-Use (Com 309): has a compound table for capture, a light table for sand, paint-on-glass and other messy materials, and a multiplane
  • 2D Animation Rotoscope Lib (L1408): has a compound table for capture and a stand for rotoscoping.

3D Animation

  • 3D Animation Lab (Com 310): For shooting 3D models. Has a table, lights and a DSLR.

Misc Animation

  • 2D Animation Animation Light Table (Com 310B): only has a drawing table and a Lunchbox pencil test system. It's not for capturing to the computer.
  • 2D Animation Roto Com ( Com 310A): only for drawing rotoscoped images from a computer and projector and not for capturing.