Apollo Connectivity Issues Solution

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This content is out of date or no longer relevant and should be considered for deletion.

Troubleshooting UAD Apollo I/O Settings

Occasionally, existing users of the COM 118 computer will notice there are issues with connectivity between Apollo interfaces and the Neve mixing console. This is because the I/O settings in the UAD Console application sometimes get lost or broken and need to be reset. Below is a guide to resetting the UAD Console I/O settings so the connectivity between Pro Tools, the interfaces, and the Neve will be repaired.

NOTE: Pro Tools must be closed before making any changes to the Console application. The application will prompt you to close Pro Tools before you can make any changes.

Open the application

Navigate to the UAD Console application either through the dock or the finder applications menu.

UAD Dock.png
Open the settings

Once you have navigated to the application, it should look something like this. In the bottom left corner of the application there is a button to open the settings window.

UAD Console.png
Open the I/O Matrix

The settings window should look like this. You will want to tab over to the "I/O Matrix" tab of the settings window. Notice the mode is set to default. We want to change that to "custom."

UAD Settings Window.png
Change the Mode from "default" to "custom" before advancing to the next step
Load the correct preset

Once you have the mode set to custom, you can select the appropriate preset. Scroll until you see the option that contains "Com-118" and then press "LOAD" to apply the changes.

Multi-A16 PT Legacy--FRYG118

After you have completed these steps, you should be able to re-open Pro Tools and have normal connectivity.