Art Time Narative - Photoshop-InDesign

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Using the Epson scanners in the Computer Center. See: Scanning - Mac

Intro to Photoshop

  1. Photoshop interface and navigating an image
    • Zoom: Cmd +/-
    • Hand tool: Space Bar
  2. Image resolution and image size
    • Image > image Size to see the overall size of your image
  3. Cropping
    • You can set the image size to crop to in the properties bar i.e. 100 px (remember the px)
  4. Image adjustments located under Image > Adjustments
    • Adjusting Levels can work to clean-up scanned drawings
  5. File > Save as. Choose TIFF as the file format. This will create a uncompressed image file format
  6. Saving for web: File > Save for Web & Devices
    • Choose the highest quality with the best (smallest) file size. Keep your images under 500K. JPG High Quality is usually a good choice.