Art Time Narative - Photoshop-InDesign

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Using the Epson scanners in the Computer Center. See: Scanning - Mac

  1. Scan one drawing from a station connected to a scanner
  2. Save as TIFF to your cubby on Orca. See: Connecting to Orca programs at File Space Overview
  3. Go back to your station and copy your scanned image to your local harddrive

Intro to Photoshop

Photoshop interface and navigating an image

  1. Open your scanned document in Photoshop
    • Zoom: Cmd +/-
    • Hand tool: Space Bar
  2. Image resolution and image size
    • Image > image Size to see the overall size of your image
  3. Cropping
    • You can set the image size to crop to in the properties bar i.e. 100 px (remember the px)
  4. File > Save as. Choose Photoshop as the file format. Note the .psd extension.
  5. Image adjustments located under Image > Adjustments
    • Adjusting Levels can work to clean-up scanned drawings
  6. Working with Type - note the new type layer created

Intro to InDesign

InDesign is used to combine text and images in preparation for print.

  1. Copy the ATN-Template.indd template file from the Workspace folder of your program space on Orca
  2. Launch InDesign and open the