Audio Monitoring - MML

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Each station has a volume switch box to control the audio monitoring. There is a switch to select between the computer and DV deck audio outputs and a knob to control the volume. The volume box feeds a pair of small speakers and there is a pair of headphones at each station. The speakers have a volume control and some have a bass/treble control. When using headphones plug them into the speakers. The speakers will be muted when headphones are plugged into them. You can check out additional headphones and headphone splitters from the Lab Aide.

Non-Linear Suites

The Non-Linear Suites are almost the same as the MML. The computer and DV deck are connected to the volume box which is connected to speakers mounted on the walls.

Headphone Jacks

The front of the computers have headphone jacks. These jacks are a different audio output than the jack on the back of the computer which is connected to the volume box. When using the headphone jack on the front of the computer you may need to change the sound output of the application you are using or the output setting in the Sound System Preference. It is easer to use the headphone jack on the speaker.