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Recording Automation Data in Real-Time.

  1. In the Mixer window click the Automation Play button to enable automation (Triangle button should be green).
  2. Click the Automation Record button so that it is red.
  3. Start playback. Do not click the Record button or arm any audio tracks.
  4. Any fader or pan changes will be recorded.
  5. Click the Stop button
  6. Click the Automation Record button so that it is no longer red.
  7. Start playback to listen to the automation.

Drawing Automation Data 1. In Mixer window enable automation (Triangle button should be green). 2. In Sequence Editor pick a track and change the active layer from Soundbites to Volume. 3. If the Tool palette is not open, open it by pressing the shift key and the O key at the same time. 4. Click on the Pencil Tool. Next to the Pencil Tool you can change the shape of the line to be drawn. Parabola's are good for fade in and fade outs. 5. On the track click and draw where you want the automation to occur. 6. Press Play to playback automation. 7. Volume, Pan and any effect parameter can be automated. 8. To delete data choose the Arrow tool from the Tool Palette. 9. Select a point or click and drag to select more than one point the hit the delete key. 10. To copy data click and drag with the arrow tool. 11. To paste data make sure that volume is the active layer. Click where you want to paste and choose merge from the Edit menu. Paste will add volume data and the audio file from where you copied. Merge adds only the volume data.