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Data Backup

There are many ways to backup files online, on your computer, or at home. This page should serve to give you as many options as you need to do so.

Backup at Evergreen

The Evergreen File Space Overview page will tell you everything you need to know about backing up your data at the Evergreen servers. This is really only for text or image files, as well as video. You won't be able to access this without being connected to the Evergreen network, so make sure and download the WebDAV program so you can access it. A link can be found in the File Space Overview.

Personal Storage

There are several good options for personal backup storage that won't break the bank. The best and most reliable of these is an external solid state disk, which can be purchased online or in a tech store like Best Buy or Circuit City. Space on these disks run from 32 Gigabytes to 512 Gigabytes or more, but are by far the most expensive option.External SSD.jpg

Next down the list is a regular external hard drive. They act and are used just like the hard drive in your laptop or desktop PC or Mac, and are much cheaper for the space than a SSD. However, just like a hard drive, they can crash or simply stop working, whereas a SSD has a much lower fail rate simply because of how it is put together. Space on these can range from 120 Gigabytes to several Terabytes (1000 Gigabytes) for much less than a SDD.External HDD.jpg

Last and cheapest of your backup options for personal storage is USB sticks, otherwise known as thumb drives or flash drives. They're a little more reliable than external hard drives, but because of the size they are limited on space. If you're trying to back up your whole system, this is probably not the way to go. If it's just data files or simply moving things from place to place, it's a good investment. Size ranges from 1GB to 64GB or more. Thumb Drive.gif

A good online resource for these external storage devices can be found here.

Online Backup

Most online backup sources are not free, but do come rather cheap when the alternative is to buy an external hard drive or USB stick. Capacities range from several TB to a few GB as needed, with accompanying prices.

Backup Software

There are also many programs, some free, some not, that offer backup services for data. These programs use space on your internal hard drive space to backup your data on a secure partition, so that if anything happens you can run the backup utility to restore your system, files or other data. A comprehensive and helpful source for most all things backup [software] can be found here.