Basic Workshop Outline

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Wheels lock so they don't move.
Wheels lock in a particular direction for camera moves.
Three sections
Top Section pneumatically assisted, camera is heavy!
DO NOT LOOSEN THE RED KNOB!  Camera will crash down on your head.
Top, pneumatically assisted portion for camera height adjustment, not really for live moves.

Camera & Controls

Intercom & Headsetiquette

Focus Procedure

Composition & Shot Size

Floor Director

Communications Role


Active Role

Character Generator

The CG operator is responsible for preparing titles in graphics and cueing materials.

  • File storage
  • Transferring files and images to the CG station (flash drive)
  • Compatible file formats
  • Editing mode: creating title cards, lower thirds, scrolling credits
  • Playback mode: cueing titles, creating blank slides, creating labels, using take and up/down keys

Assistant Director


Tape Operator