Basic Workshop Outline

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  • Wheels lock so they don't move.
  • Wheels lock in a particular direction for camera moves.
  • Three sections
  • Top Section pneumatically assisted, camera is heavy!
  • DO NOT LOOSEN THE RED KNOB! Camera will crash down on your head.
  • Top, pneumatically assisted portion for camera height adjustment, not really for live moves.
  • Always be prepared to support entire weight of camera + column. Get assistance!

Camera & Controls

Intercom & Headsetiquette

Focus Procedure

Composition & Shot Size

Floor Director

Communications Role


Active Role

Character Generator

The CG operator is responsible for preparing titles in graphics and cueing materials.

  • File storage
  • Transferring files and images to the CG station (flash drive)
  • Compatible file formats
  • Editing mode: creating title cards, lower thirds, scrolling credits
  • Playback mode: cueing titles, creating blank slides, creating labels, using take and up/down keys

Assistant Director


Tape Operator