Bounce to Disk

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Bounce to disk Bounce to disk rendesr the mix faster than real time into a new audio file with all effects and automation.

  1. Make sure that automation is enabled on all track that you are automating and that nothing is muted.
  2. In the Sequence Editor Choose select all from the Edit menu.
  3. In the Audio menu choose Bounce to Disk.
  4. For channels choose Split Stereo (2 mono files).
  5. For Resolution choose 16 for a 16 bit project or 24 bits for a 24 bit project.
  6. For Import choose Add to Soundbites window.
  7. For Source choose the stereo output the mix is using (Delta L-R) for example.
  8. Give the file a name.
  9. Choose where the file is saved. The default should be the audio files folder for your project.
  10. Click Ok. A window should appear showing the progress of the bounce.

The bounce makes 2 mono Sound Designer 2 format files. Next we want to make a single stereo AIFF file.

  1. In the Soundbites widow select the bounced file. In the mini menu choose Export Selected Bites.
  2. In the new window choose AIFF for the Format. Give the file a name and choose where to save it. Click OK.

If you have a 24 bit file you need to make it 16 bits before you burn a cd 1. Open the file in peak. 2. In the File menu choose save as. 3. In the new window name the file and choose where to save it. 4. For File Type choose AIFF. For Bit Depth choose 16 Bit. For Compressor choose none. 5. Check the box for Pow-r Dithering and click save.