Bounce to Disk

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Bounce to disk Bounce to disk renders the mix faster than real time into a new audio file with all effects and automation.

  1. Make sure that automation is enabled on all track that you are automating and that nothing is muted.
  2. Select the Sequence Editor and go to Edit > Select All.
  3. Go to File> Bounce to Disk.
  4. For File Format choose : Broadcast Wave, Interleaved.
  5. For Channels choose: Stereo.
  6. For Sample Format choose : 24 bit Integer.
  7. For Import choose Do Not Import.
  8. For Source choose the stereo output the mix is using (for example Built-in Line Output 1-2).
  9. Give the file a name.
  10. Click Choose Folder to select where the file is saved. The default should be the Bounces folder for your project.
  11. Click OK. A window should appear showing the progress of the bounce.
  12. Always open the bounced file in another program like Audition or iTunes and listen to make sure everything is fine.