Bronica 6x6 Camera Gear Guide

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Loading the Film To open the back, squeeze the film holder release buttons located on the top; right behind the viewfinder. The back will spring open. Be prepared to catch the film holder in case it falls out while opening the back. Remove the film holder. Gently push the empty film spool to the left. There are two flaps on the outside of the body that will allow the spool to move. While still pushing on the spool, pop the flap open all the way to fully release the spool. Insert the full spool of film into the top position, then close the flap to fully lock it in place. Draw the leading end across the top roller and in front of the pressure plate, emulsion side out. Bring the leading edge of the film around the bottom roller, and insert into the empty take-up spool. Wind the film onto the take-up spool with the backwind wheel until it is secured. Place the film holder back onto the camera, and make sure it is properly seated. Turn the film wind crank until an arrow or film start point appears, align it with the red arrow on the metal next to the film spool. Close the film door on the camera. If the film door does not easily pop closed, the film holder is not fit properly against the camera body. Turn the film crank until the exposure counter reads 1.

Film Advance and Shutter Cocking Rotate the film winding crank forward (clockwise) one time. This will advance the film one frame forward and cock the shutter. Halfway through the crank, there will be increased resistance as the shutter cocks.

Aperture and Shutter Speed The aperture is controlled by a ring on the lens. The shutter speed is controlled by a dial on the left side of the camera.