COM 107 Recital Hall

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COM 107 AV Cheat Sheet

Turn ON MAIN POWER, orange switch.

Location Page

  1. On the touch screen control panel select Stage

Stage Input Select Page

Select your media source

  1. HDMI Input (for external device)
  2. HDMI +Mini Audio (for external device)
  3. S-Video Input (for external device)
  4. Computer VGA Input (for your laptop)
  5. BluRay Player (located in rack)
  6. Composite Input (for external device)
  7. Lectern Wired - located in bottom drawer
  8. Lectern Wireless - located in bottom drawer

Projector Control Panel

Turn ON the projector by pressing the Display ON button

  1. Display ON
  2. Display OFF
  3. MUTE

Audio Control Panel

Press the knob to select what source you want to control the volume for

  1. Wired Mics - microphones that you plug into the front panel
  2. Wireless mics - these handheld wireless mics are located in the drawer, power them on
  3. Program Audio - all audio from other sources like laptops, bluray, ipod

Volume can also be controlled/simultaneously by using the touch screen Volume Controls screen

Laptop Instructions

  1. The VGA computer cable can be found in the bottom drawer of the AV rack
  2. Connect the VGA/audio cable to your laptop and the Computer VGA Input panel in the rack
  3. Select the Computer VGA Input option on the Stage Input Select page on the touch screen panel
  4. Press the Display ON button to turn on the projector
  5. Turn on your laptop
  6. Select Program Audio on the Volume Control panel and turn it up. Make sure your computer volume is up as well.

BluRay Instructions

  1. Select BluRay Player on the touch screen Stage Input Select page.
  2. Insert your media into the BluRay player located in the rack, Eject button is on the front of the player.
  3. Press the Display ON button to turn on the projector.
  4. Select Program Audio on the Volume Control panel and turn it up.
  5. Use the touch screen to control the BluRay player functions. Press Advanced to access special menu's.
  6. Press Enter to PLAY.