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Need help? Call Media Services X 6270 for media assistance.

Exterior Wall Panel

  1. DISPLAY button turns on Projector
  2. Select your video source, HDMI or VGA
  3. Plug in your computer using either an HDMI or VGA cable
  4. Use the VOLUME control knob to adjust volume.
  5. DO NOT PLUG IN BOTH A VGA AND HDMI CABLE AT THE SAME TIME, the system will not work
  6. Note: there is a short delay in video switching (5-10 sec)

Exterior Wall Panel - Microphone Use

  1. Connect XLR cable from the microphone to the MIC input on the panel
  2. MIC UP & MIC DOWN buttons control the microphone volume
  3. Mic volume is independent of the Wall Panel Volume

AV Rack

  1. Press RACK button on external AV PANEL
  2. Press DISPLAY button on external AV PANEL to turn on projector
  3. Select your video source: VGA (Laptop), HDMI, BLU RAY, DVD/VCR or CASSETTE
  4. Insert or plug in your media
  5. On the RANE audio mixer use the individual source knobs to control the volume. =====MAKE SURE OUTPUT VOLUME IS TURNED UP (Around 9:00)=====
  6. Turn down all unused volume knobs that are not in use.
  7. Return the individual source volume on RANE mixer to zero when finished.

Please power everything off when done & lock the AV Cabinet