COM 209

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COM-209 AV rack.png

This is one of the main dance and performance studios in the communications building. It has a simple AV rack for audio playback. The Video Projector is not yet installed.


  1. Turn ON the Main Power to the rack, big orange switch on the top right of the rack.

Select Your Source

Using the Auxiliary knob, select between the following sources:

  1. Aux 1 = DVD
  2. Aux 2 = VHS
  3. Aux 3 = Cassette
  4. Aux 4 = Front Panel Input
  5. Aux 5 = Stereo mini cable for laptop or other devices


  1. Push up the fader located underneath the Aux Knob
  2. Push up the Main Volume fader


  1. Plug in a microphone to the MIC 1 input panel located on the bottom left of the rack
  2. Push up the MIC 1 fader to control the volume of the Mic (go slowly to avoid feedback through the speakers and do not point the microphone at the speakers)
  3. Push up the Main Volume fader