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FAQs for Faculty and Staff

What is Canvas?

  • Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) by Instructure which features:
    • A clean, user-friendly interface
    • A dashboard page that quickly summarizes assignments, announcements and other relevant information across course sites
    • Customizable notifications – students can get alerts via email, text message or social media at the frequency they desire
    • A working calendar that can be added to Google Calendar, iCal or other popular calendar tools
    • Support for media content
    • The power of the cloud

Are Canvas sites private or visible to the public?

  • Evergreen's Canvas sites are private by default, and are NOT visible to the public.
    • However, if faculty so chooses, a site may be made partially visible to the public but it will not include any student data.

When is my course available? Can I create my course in Canvas in advance?

  • Canvas courses are not created automatically but by faculty request through Presence.
  • A course may be requested by faculty once the offering has been made available in Banner.
  • Your Canvas site should be available within 24 hours following request.

I have requested a site, but I don't see my course in Canvas

  • In Canvas, please click on Help in the upper right corner and select Report a Problem to submit a help ticket.

How enrollment works in Canvas

  • Students registered for your course or students you've made a signature override for will be automatically enrolled in your offering.
  • Students with signature override who have not officially registered will be concluded at the end of the first two weeks of class.
  • Students that un-enroll from the class will have their enrollment in the Canvas course concluded automatically.
  • If you want to add students to your class that aren't already enrolled, please review the information regarding Sections provided here.

Add students to your Canvas site using Sections

Sections are used to organize students for administrative and assessment purposes.

  • These are the default sections created for single and multi-term offerings:
    • a section for each quarter for student enrollment
    • a section titled Manually add students here all quarters (please use this section for adding students)
    • a section for faculty members associated with the offering
    • a seminar section per faculty per quarter

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