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Moodle is an open-source application that was built by and for teachers to provide a foundation for course management on the web. Moodle supports structured course-work with tools like assignments, quizzes, peer assessment, etc. For more information about Moodle, visit their webpage at

Moodle At Evergreen

Moodle sites are available for every academic offering automatically and availability to those sites are controlled by the faculty. Faculty who wish to use their Moodle site, log into you should find a site for next quarter waiting for you.

Moodle sites are not visible or available for use by students until the faculty make it so. Faculty can change the course availability when they're ready for students to use the site.

Students will be automatically enrolled about three weeks before classes begin.

Sites from previous quarters will remain available throughout the academic year according to our archival schedule.

As always, faculty are welcome to contact their Academic Computing Liaison with any questions about their moodle sites.

Please visit to find your sites.

If you're a faculty member and new to Moodle, you might consider our Faculty Tutorial. Otherwise, if you have questions about using Moodle, please contact contact your Academic Computing Liaison.


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