Cellphone Access

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Cellphones at Evergreen

  • Different cell phone carriers work better or worse on the Oly campus.
    Verizon and Cingular/AT&T don't work very well on campus - it's difficult to get a reliable signal.
    Nextel/Sprint has been said to have the best service.
    T-Mobile works outside buildings
  • Like many spaces, it is considered proper decorum to turn off your cell phone in the library, computer center, and other work spaces. Otherwise fellow students may give you dirty looks.
  • Do keep in mind that people can overhear your conversation in any somewhat quiet space - that means it's inappropriate to subject other people on the bus to your conversations while we're all waiting for the bus to leave the library loop. Strangers don't need or want to know that you sleep naked or that you're allergic to citrus, so please be considerate.