Cities - Intro to WordPress

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Workshop Dates: October 11th and 28th

Cities: Real and Imagined

Wordpress part 1

technical overview of the project

creating groups WordPress sites

  • Addding audio, images, slideshows and/or video to WordPress
  • WP or YouTube to GoogleEarth
  • geotagging YouTube videos

WordPress part 1

  1. create group blogs
  2. working with text

WordPress part 2

  1. Customize the look of your site: Appearance > Themes
  2. Customize your CSS to look good in Google Earth (see Amy's Example CSS)
  3. images and image galleries (nextgen image galleries)
  4. uploading audio (MP3)
  5. Embedding video

Google earth

  1. Creating custom placemarks
    • add custom icon for your placemarks
  2. Embed an iframe to your WordPress post in the description of your placemark
  3. Create a subfolder for your group's placemarks
  4. Export your placemarks
    • Right click on your placemark's folder
    • Choose Save place as
    • Set the format to .kml
    • Save your kml file to your program space on Orca

Accessing Orca program file space

see: File Space Overview