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*Feedback is denoted by a yellow box
*Feedback is denoted by a yellow box
File:Newfeedback.png|New Feedback
File:Viewfeedback.png|Click on View Feedback
File:Feedbackbysponsor.png|Feedback is found in yellow boxes

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The new Individual Study System allows for feedback from your faculty to be immediately reviewed. Remember you must login to check on the status of your contract. No notifications are sent to your email at this time.

Send Draft to Sponsor

  • Once you have completed all required fields to define your contract, denoted by the check boxes on the left, move to the Collect Feedback stage
  • Click on Send Contract
  • Type a short message to your faculty
  • Your faculty can now review your contract
  • You can continue to edit your contract and
  • Click Send Update to send an updated version to your sponsor at anytime