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*[[Connect to Orca Groups - Mac OS X]]
*[[Connect to Orca Groups - Mac OS X]]
*[[Connect to Orca Groups - Windows]]
*[[Connect to Orca Groups - Windows]]
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[[Category:Needs Contributors]]

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These instructions are for the GNOME desktop.

On-Campus Access to Orca Groups

  1. Go to 'Places' , then 'Connect to Server'.
  2. Select 'Windows share' under 'Service type'.
  3. Type in 'orca' in the 'Server:' field.
  4. Type in 'acadgroups' in the 'Share' field.
  5. Click Connect!

Off-Campus Access to Orca Groups

  1. Install davfs2, either through your package manager or by building from the source found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dav/files/
  2. Open a Terminal and become root (sudo -i) for the following commands.
  3. Create a mount point for Orca Groups: mkdir /mnt/orca_acadgroups
  4. In a web browser (Firefox) go to https://myfiles.evergreen.edu/academics/acadgroups
  5. Right click on the folder that you want and copy the link.
  6. Type this command into your Teminal:
  7. You will be prompted for a username and password. These will be your evergreen.edu credentials.
  8. Once this is done, you'll have access to your student share at /mnt/orca_acadgroups!

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