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{{WordPress Help}}

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Creating a new to account and site for new users to blogs.evergreen.edu.

I'm new to blogs.evergreen.edu

Figure 1
Figure 2

Create a blogs.evergreen.edu account

  1. Navigate a web browser to the blogs.evergreen.edu login and login via the CAS login window.
    • If you already have an account created at blogs.evergreen.edu this will login in directly to your dashboard.
    • If you're new you will be asked to create an account. Your Evergreen username and email are auto-filled
    • Need account help? See: Evergreen Login Overview
  2. If you only want to create an account and do not need to set up a blog choose Just a username and click the Next button

Setting up a new blog

  1. If you also want to create a new blog site select Gimme a blog! and click Next
  2. Enter the Site Name - this will become part of your unique URL or web address and cannot be changed. See Figure 2
  3. Enter the Site Title - this will be used in the header section of your site and can be changed later
  4. From the drop-down menu choose the blog type: Program/Course, Individual, Group or Other.
  5. Click Signup. You should now be ready to login to your new blog.

Need More Help?

Still have questions or problems with WordPress, send Academic Computing a message or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6227.