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Creating a personal or group blog at is easy and something you can do completely on your own. All you need to get started is an Evergreen login and an evergreen email address. If you have your Evergreen email forwarded to another account you will need to have access to that email.

I've never created a blog at before

Create a account

  1. Navigate a web browser to and click the Create a new blog link.
  2. In the Username field, enter your Evergreen username. This must be your Evergreen username (i.e. greima03). Need help? See: [Evergreen Login Overview]
  3. Enter your Evergreen email address (even if you have forwarding setup)
  4. Select Gimme a blog! and click Next
  5. Enter the title - this will become part of your unique URL or web address and cannot be changed
  6. Enter the blog name - this will be used in the header section of your blog and can be changed later

I have a blog at already but want to create another one