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Collect Source Media

Before starting a project in Premiere Elements collect and organize any materials that will be used in the project: audio, still images, video clips.

  1. Create a folder with your name on the desktop.
  2. Inside your folder, create folders for audio, stills, and video, and place files accordingly.

New Project

  1. Launch Premiere Elements from the dock at the bottom of the screen.
  2. From the top menu, go to File > Save Project As.
  3. Name the project descriptively (with your name), and choose to save into your project folder on the desktop.

Import Video Clips from a Folder

Import clips into Elements from files that were already copied from a memory card.

  1. In Elements, at the top left of the screen click the Add Media tab.
  2. From the list, select Files and Folders.
  3. In the file dialog box click the triangle on the top right to expand the window. Find your project folder, and navigate to the video.
    • From the video folder select each video clip as it appears as a .MTS file. To select all press command A.
  4. Click Import to add clips to the project.
  5. Video clips will appear in the Project Assets Tab.

Import Vixia Clips Directly from a Card Reader

Import clips directly from the memory card reader, available at every station in the Multimedia Lab, or when using the Computer Center checkout a card reader from Media Loan down the hall.

  1. With the Vixia camera powered off, remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader.
  2. From the top left of the screen click the Add Media tab.
  3. From the list, select Videos from Flip or Cameras.
  4. In the Video Importer window, click the yellow folder icon next to the Save In location, navigate to your project folder, and select choose.
  5. Preview video clips by selecting them and press play in the Preview window.
  6. Un-check the box next to clips you do not want to use.
  7. Click Get Media to import clips. This will duplicate the media files from the memory card to your project folder, and import the files into the Project Assets Tab.
  8. After importing is completed, eject the memory card by dragging it to the trash, and then place it back in the camera.
  9. Initialize the memory card before returning equipment to Media Loan.

Project Settings

When creating a new project Premiere Elements will automatically adjust the project settings to match the first type of video content that is imported. Project settings cannot be changed after starting a project. Make sure that the first clip brought into your Premiere project is the video standard that you want to work in.