Creating a New Project - PE

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Save Location

Multimedia Lab

  1. Click the Browse button.
  2. Select the User Drive icon on the left.
  3. Click the New Folder button on the bottom and label it with your name.
  4. Click Choose.

Computer Center Macs

  1. Click the Browse button.
  2. Select the Desktop icon on the left.
  3. Click the New Folder button on the bottom.
  4. Name the new folder.
  5. Click Choose.

Collect Source Media

Before starting a project in Premiere Elements collect and organize any materials that will be used in the project: audio, still images, video clips.

  1. Create a folder with your name.
  2. Inside your folder, create folders for audio, stills, and video, and place files accordingly.

New Project

  1. Go to File > New > Project
  2. Name the project descriptively (with your name)
  3. Select a location to Save.

Projects Settings

You can’t change the project preset after starting a project, so verify the format of your source footage before selecting a project preset. Depending on your source footage, you may need to change the preset or create a new one.


  1. Select NTSC > AVCHD > Full HD 1080i 30
  2. Click OK

Canon Rebel

  1. Select NTSC > DSLR > 1080p
    1. Select 1080p24 if the source footage is 24 fps.
    2. Select 1080p30 if the source footage is 30 fps.
  2. Click OK

Changing Project Settings

  1. When you drag in content that does not match the project settings Elements will inquire if you want to use the closest available preset.
  2. If you select not to change your project settings you may have problematic playback.