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How is WordPress used academically at Evergreen?

Program websites

WordPress sites are publicly viewable to all. They can be self-created and used in conjunction with Moodle. Make sure to notify your Academic Computing Liaison if you self-create a WordPress site for your academic offering so we can link it to the academic catalog and make it easy for people to find.

Example: Program websites


Trajectories in Animation, Mathematics, and Physics
Krishna Chowdary and Ruth Hayes

  • Weekly schedule (also could have been done in Google Docs)
  • Welcome Questionnaire - filled out prior to start of program

Program website + student journals

Some faculty choose to have their students maintain academic web-based journals. Integrating the work of your students into the class website can be an effective way to bring together all of the work happening in the program. Program sites can aggregate the feeds from student blogs creating a dynamic page that always shows the latest posts from your students.

Example: Program website + student journals


Museum or Mausoleum
Lara Evans and Sara Williams

  • program information included news on the front page
  • dynamic page that aggregates student journals

Group website

Group sites have multiple authors writing to the same site. Coordination and organization up front are the keys to a successful group site.

Example: Group website


Animal Others - the eBestiary
Anne DeMarken and Ruth Hayes

  • Each student was a contributor and added a post with their content
  • text plus rich media (images and video)
  • categories were used to structure the site
  • student "Wranglers" went through each post and helped other students with formatting and other issues

Faculty FAQs

How do I request/create a site?

You can self-create sites or request that your academic computing liaison create one for you.

How should I structure the site?

Front page

  • news/program updates
  • or course description

What theme should I use?

  • Start with Evergreen Twenty Eleven

What else can I do with WordPress?

What happens to my site at the end of the year?

All curricular WordPress sites will be archived. If you would like to re-use your site again contact your academic computing liaison, otherwise the site will be deleted once the archiving process is complete.

Need More Help?

Still have questions or problems with WordPress, send Academic Computing a message or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6227.