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General Information on Adobe Audition

Intro to Adobe Audition

  • In the Waveform Editor you can edit single audio tracks, but in this mode edits are destructive. This means that unless you SAVE AS to a different file name/location you will be permanently changing your original file. One more reason to have your files saved to several locations!
  • In the Multitrack Editor you can mix together multiple audio tracks to created layered compositions and soundscapes.
  • The Multitrack Editor is non-destructive, meaning that you can always make changes to you project.
  • For shortcuts, click EDIT > Keyboard Shortcuts

Make a New Session - Multitrack Editor

  • Multitrack sessions create a .sesx project file. This file contain no audio data. It just references the audio files that are used.
  • Always keep all of the audio files and .sesx file in one folder.

  1. On the Storage drive create a new folder with your name.
  2. In Audition go to File > Multitrack Session and set the following settings:
    1. Session Name: use a meaningful name.
    2. Folder Location: Click Browse and select your folder on the Storage drive.
    3. Template : None
    4. Sample Rate: 48000
    5. Bit Depth : 24
    6. Master: Stereo
    7. Click OK

Importing Files

  • Before importing files copy them to a folder inside your session folder.
  • If audio files are located outside of the session folder Audition will ask to copy the files when saving. Always click Yes

Importing to the Files Panel

  1. Go to Files > Import > Files...
  2. Browse to your files;
    • Click on a file to select one file
    • Shift click to select multiple concurrent files
    • Command click to select multiple non-concurrent files

Importing Files to the Editor Panel

  1. Drag the file to the track and time where you want the file.

Working in the Editor Panel

  • To add a clip to the Editor panel drag it from the Files panel to the track (vertical) and time (horizontal) where you want the clip.
    • If the clip does not match the session sample rate it will ask to make a copy with the correct sample rate.

Moving Clips

  • Use the Move tool (V) to move clips.
  • To move a clip, click on the the name and drag to the new location.
  • To keep the same time location when dragging files between tracks, hold the Shift key while dragging.
  • When snapping is on clips will be aligned to the edges of the nearest clip.
    • Press the S key or click the magnet icon to turn snapping on or off.

Trimming and Extending Clips

  • With the Move tool (V) or the Time Selection tool (T), move to the edge of a clip until the red bracket appears. In this way, clips can be shortened or lengthened. This is non-destructive.
  • With the Time Selection tool (T), you can highlight a portion of audio and press delete to make that section disappear. If you press option + delete then Audition will automatically connect the audio again so there is not a blank space.

Fades and Crossfades

  • For more detail see the Adobe article
  • To add a fade in or fade out to a clips click the square in the upper corner at the beginning or end of a clip.
  • Drag left or right to apply the fade.
  • Drag up or down to change the shape.
  • When clips overlap an crossfade will be added.
  • Adjust the crossfade like you adjust a fade.
  • Automatic crossfades can be turned off by selecting a clip and unselecting Clip > Automatic Crossfade Enabled
    • This only effects the selected clip.

Track Volume

  • Each track has its own volume and pan settings.
  • These settings also show up as the levels in the mixer panel.
  • These are separate from the clip volume and pan settings.
  • The levels are set for in time in the track. They do not move with clips.
  • This can be confusing.
  1. On the left side of a track, click the triangle to the left of the word Read so that it is pointing down.
  2. For Show Envelopes select volume or pan.
  3. Hover over the volume or pan line and double click to add a point.
  4. Points can be moved up or down or left to right to change the values.

Clip Volume

  • Each clip has it's own volume and pan settings that move with the clip when it is moved.
  • When looking at your envelopes, hover over the volume or pan line, etc., and double click to add a point.
  • Points can be moved up or down or left to right to change the values.
    • These settings do not affect the volume or pan control in the mixer.


  1. Go to File > Save to save the session.
  2. If any files are located outside of your session folder a warning will appear.
  3. Click Yes to have the files copied to your session folder.


  1. Go to Export > Multitrack Mixdown > and select
    • Time Selection to export only the selected time
    • Entire Session for the entire project
    • Selected Clips for selected clips
  2. In the Export Multitrack Mixdown dialog set
    • File Name : name the file
    • Location : click browse to select a folder
    • Sample Source: Click Change and set Bit Depth to 24 bits. and click OK
  3. Click OK