DMCA Notice and Policy

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The Evergreen State College is required to respond to Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims placed by copyright holders. These notices are sent to the institution when a user on our network has been flagged for sharing copyrighted material. The unauthorized sharing of copyright material is forbidden by The Evergreen Appropriate Use of Technology Policy. The following actions will be taken when a claim is filed:


  • Computing and Communications Staff will review the report sent by the copyright holder.
  • The device in question may be blocked from accessing our network
  • Computing and Communications Staff will work to find a username associated with the activity
  • The person associated with the machine will be warned in the following manner

First Infraction

  • Owner of the device in question is asked to cease and desist all peer to peer activity associated with the copyrighted material
  • Owner of the device ackowledges that repeat infractions may result in referall to the Student Conduct Officer and the device may be permanently blocked from accessing Evergreen Networks
  • Once the owner has acknowledged this information, their device will be allowed back on the network

Repeat Infractions

  • Repeated DMCA reports or infractions will result in referral to the Student Conduct Officer
  • This may result in the permanent block of the device from accessing the Evergreen Network