Dashboard Overview

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When you login to the admin area of your site, the dashboard is the first screen you see and gives you a bird's eye view of content and activity in your site.

The "Admin" view of your site

  • You can edit some areas of your site directly from the Dashboard.

Admin Left Menu

Use the Admin Menus in the left to edit more detailed sections of your site


Admin Top Bar

  • Use the Admin Bar at the top to quickly Visit your site (see what the public view)


Customize the dashboard

  • You can also drag and drop sections of your dashboard to new locations

Set your Screen Options

  • From the Screen Options button you can also control what types of editable content you want to see

ScreenOptions3.png Watch the “The WordPress.com dashboard – introduction”.

Need More Help?

Still have questions or problems with WordPress, send Academic Computing a message or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6227.