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Evergreen logins are deactivated within one calendar year after students leave the college (withdrawn or graduated)

Graduating students keep their Evergreen login until after the end of the academic year in which they graduate. The accounts of recent alumni will be deactivated at the end of the summer.

Non-graduating students may be withdrawn from Evergreen in a few ways:

  • Special, non-admitted students are withdrawn if they do not register for a class in any quarter.
  • Newly admitted students are withdrawn if they do not register for a class, or if they drop to zero credits in their first quarter at Evergreen.
  • Continuing, admitted students are withdrawn if they remain on leave more than one year, or if they specifically ask Registration and Records to be withdrawn.
Deactivation Notice Sent Account Locked Account Deleted (not recoverable)
Quarterly - Week Five Week Seven 60 Days After Account Lock

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