Default Username and Password

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As a new student, your initial Evergreen username and default password will be sent to you via email to your alt-email.

What is my Evergreen student username?

Your Evergreen student username is a unique name that can be chosen and changed by you, the student. You will have the ability to change your username/email 3 times per year.

  • When your account is created, an initial username is set for you as a part of the activation process. After you go through the activation process found on the Account Help page you will be be able to change your username when you log into the Name Change page.

What is my default student password?

By default, your Evergreen account will not be associated with any default password. As a student, you will have to go through the Activation Process to set up your password.To change your password, please refer to the Change my password page.

Note: You do not need to include the "" when logging into

Former Students

After you leave Evergreen, your student account will remain active for up to one year to provide access to My Evergreen and transcript ordering.

Note for Faculty and Staff: If you are experiencing problems with your Evergreen login, please contact the Technology Support Center at (360)867-6627.