Draft GC Governance

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Proposed Governance Model for Greener Commons

Moderation Team:

Being a member of the moderation team requires a two year governance commitment. The group includes staff, at least two faculty and least two students. An attempt is made so half of the group rotates out each year. There are two a semi-annual retreats: one full day to welcome the new members and go over moderation practices, one half day to discuss current social issues related to moderation. Faculty and staff assigned in same manner as other governance assignments.

In order to be considered, all moderator candidates will be required to have at least one year of active participation in Greener Commons. The tone of those conversations, ability to manage difficult discussions, and the knowledge and breath of knowledge of current events and of campus issues will all be reviewed by the existing moderation team when a candidate is being considered before they become members.

Management Team

Governance meetings consist of quarterly open workgroup meetings, late Monday afternoons to encourage attendance, especially students. It is strongly encouraged that all members of the moderator group attend. This workgroup discusses changes to the commons and submits proposals to the Commons Executive Team.

Executive Team

The executive team consists of the Vice President of Student Affairs, an Academic Dean, and the Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Fundamental changes to Greener Commons functionality would need to be brought before this group for approval.