Elinchrom Studio Flash Kit Gear Guide

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These lights brightly flash in response to taking a picture automatically. The kit works wirelessly or wired, with most cameras, like the Canon Rebels and 6D. The kit comes with 2 lights, 2 stands, remote, sync cable, hot shoe adapter and various light covers.


  • To avoid potentially lethal conditions, this unit must be connected to a 3-wire grounded outlet.
  • Do not operate with two-wire extension cords or use an adapter to connect to ungrounded outlets.
  • This unit contains high voltages and internal components, which can store dangerous voltages even when the unit is unplugged. The use of water around this equipment is not recommended.
  • The flash-tube and modeling lamp can get extremely hot. Do not allow finger oils to contact the lamps as this can cause excess heating and premature lamp failure.
  • Do not attempt to change flash tubes (the normal bulbs are okay to replace) or disassemble the units. Please bring it back to Media Loan for maintenance.
  • Before attempting to operate the unit, ensure that it is securely mounted to a light stand.
  • Do not allow unattended children around studio flash equipment as potentially dangerous conditions may result. These dangers may include burns and electrical shock hazards as well as the possibility of falling equipment if cords are tripped over.

Set Up

  1. Remove black cover from light, apply any attachments you would like (listed below) and turn on.
  2. Test the flash on the light itself with the top right button (with the star shaped image) of the light.
  3. Test the remote by pressing the only button on it and check if both lights respond.
  4. Test if the camera triggers the remote by installing the remote onto the camera's hot shoe mount on top. The “hot” in hot shoe refers to an electrical connection. By pressing the camera’s shutter release button to take a picture, it sends out a trigger to the light kit via the remote.
  • If the above tests work but not the camera trigger, then make sure the camera is out of live view mode (the little button with the image of the camera on it) and be sure to do a full-press and not just a half-press on the shutter release (picture taking button).
  • If the above test doesn’t work, there is also the option to use a wired connection for triggering the lights instead of the remote. There is an adapter in a small box that attaches to the hot shoe of the camera. Connect the wire in the kit from the 3.5mm sync socket on the light to the adapter. Be sure that the light not connected via the cable has the button with the picture of an eye in the on position. This enables the disconnected light to be triggered when it detects light from the light connected to the camera.

Changing Bulb

If you need to change the bulb, make sure it is off, wait for it to cool. Do not touch the bulb with bare hands or the bulb could explode, use the gloves to protect the bulb from your hand oils. When returning equipment, inform Media Loan that a bulb was used. Do not replace the flash tubes, just the standard looking 100watt bulbs stored with kit.

Pack up

Be sure to store with black hard cover over the light protecting the bulbs and lock in place with the blue switch.


Screen: Displays light Intensity of flash.

  • Arrows: Adjusts contents of screen.
  • Bulb Button: This allows you to adjust and toggle the modeling light which is the standard bulb that remains on before and after flashes.
  • Eye Button: Enables the light to detect and respond to another light flash going off and triggering its own light flash simultaneously. This is only needed if using the sync cable method and not the remote control for triggering lights.
  • Music Button: This enables the light to make an annoying beep sound after triggering the lights to flash as soon as the light is prepared to flash bulbs again.
  • Star Button: This is used to make test flashes.


there are two attachments to choose from

  • The grey reflector is a single item installed after unlocking the blue switch on the side of the light
  • The soft box is constructed from the white softbox bad and the contents of a small black bag including 4 black rods and 2 covers, 1 white and the other silver and black.