Embed Enhanced or Video Podcast - Wordpress

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Activate the Plug In:

  1. Log in to your blog and go to your Dashboard
  2. On the left sidebar click on Plug Ins
  3. In the listing of plug-ins check the box next to the Quicktime Embed plugin and press Activate
  4. Navigate back to the Quicktime Embed plug in. You can choose to sort plug ins according to activated by clicking on the top Active button.
  5. Right click on the link for Visit plug in site to select to open it in a new tab
  6. Scroll down on the page to the section on embedding Podcasts. Use the syntax provided to add your podcast to your page. Example:
[qt:fileurl.m4a fileurl.m4a fileurl.m4a 180 180]

Be sure to include the dimensions at the end as 180 180

Embed Into a Post:

  1. Add a new post, name it Podcast
  2. On the top of the post click on the visual editor button to select Upload Video
  3. In the dialog box select a file to upload (remember no spaces, uppercase, or special characters)
  4. Do not insert into post; instead, copy the provided file path url
  5. Use the special syntax [qt: past file url and 180 180] and save