Emergency Resources and Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Affirmative Action Officer

Contact the Affirmative Action Officer for questions or concerns about discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that you may have witnessed or experienced on campus.

website: www.evergreen.edu/equalopportunity

CARE team

Voice your concern about your own or others students’ or community members’ basic needs, emotional well-being/mental health, physical well-being, safety, or more. The Campus Assessment, Response, & Evaluation (CARE) team connects students with urgently-needed resources to support community safety.

website: https://www.evergreen.edu/care/care-campus-assessment-response-evaluation-team

Emergency Preparedness

Be ready now so you’ll be safe later. Get text & email alerts, learn evacuation routes and policies, and be prepared for emergencies such as: inclement weather, active shooter, earthquake, influenza or other illness outbreaks, and more.

website: www.evergreen.edu/emergencyresponse

Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Response (OSVPR)

Connect to confidential advocacy services for students affected by sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, harassment, and related concerns.

website: www.evergreen.edu/violenceprevention

Police Services 24/7

Call 911 or (360) 867-6140 for an emergency. Call (360) 867-6832 for any other questions or assistance, including if you’ve lost your phone or other valuables on campus. Report a hate crime or bias incident.

Student Rights & Responsibilities / Policies

Here are some quick links to some commonly referenced policies for students.

Title IX Officer

Find support, resources, and resolution options to anyone that may have experienced sex discrimination.

website: www.evergreen.edu/titleix