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Help for Faculty and Staff

Canvas allows us to create a living class list. When students enroll in your course via Registration they are added to your course that same day. However, they may not have access to the offering's Canvas site up to 24 hours following registration.

When will students be added to my course and when will they have access?

Here is how this works:

  • Faculty still control access by publishing the course when they are ready.
  • Students admitted to an on-going course will be added the Friday of Evaluation Week of the prior quarter. For example, Winter Quarter students joining an on-going Fall offering will be added the Friday of Evaluation Week of Fall Quarter.

What if I see student names I do not recognize?

  • The People list in Canvas is live data, and for a student to appear in your course they must have registered for it or be on your waitlist.
  • Students who drop your course will have their enrollment concluded automatically.

Waitlisted Students

  • Waitlisted students do not have access to your course until they are officially registered.

Who Faculty can add as Users

Faculty can add users to their curricular sites in the Canvas role of Observer.

For FERPA purposes, faculty do not have the ability to add users as a:

  • Student
  • TA, Program Assistant
  • or Faculty

(Canvas will let you add folks but it won't stick, they will get bumped out if not officially registered for or associated with the offering.)

How to Request Adding Program Assistants/TAs or Faculty to Your Canvas Site:

To have a Program Assistant/TA added, or another faculty member, please submit a request to Academic Technologies via help.evergreen.edu.

How to Request Adding a non-/not-yet-registered or ILC/SOS Student to Your Canvas Site:

If you need to have a student enrolled to your site who is not yet registered for your offering, please submit an LMS Access Exception Request via help.evergreen.edu.

Please Note: Limitations of the LMS Access Exception (LAE) Role

Students added via this method:

  • will not appear in the Canvas Gradebook
  • will not be able to submit work/files to online assignments
  • will not be able to interact with quizzes
  • cannot be added to a Seminar Section by faculty
    • please submit a request at help.evergreen.edu so Academic Technologies staff can do this for you.