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{{TwoColumn|lead= An outline of the process for faculty evaluation of students online. Each step links to its relative help page which provides detailed directions for working through each task.


Step 1


the starting point and main landing page for evaluation work

Step 2


how to assign evaluators across a team of faculty and sort your class list by evaluators

Step 3


how to create and apply; templates can be bulk-applied to an entire class or group of students if all are receiving full credit

Step 4


click on a student's name from your class list and select "Evaluate"

Step 5


share evaluation drafts with students at anytime during the quarter

Step 6


faculty may unlock an evaluation to make changes at any time

Step 7


how to assign a student zero credit for the given quarter

Step 8


how to assign an incomplete to a student and inform them online

Step 9


how to turn in evaluations to the Program Secretaries for review


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