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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I type in my Individual Learning or Internship Learning Contract Title? How will this affect my transcript?

These new online self-evaluation forms are linked to your registration in the College's Banner student record system in order to create more consistency between the student self-evaluations and the faculty evaluations of students. The title in the header of the self-evaluation form is directly linked to your registration, in the case of Individual Learning Contract, it will appear as "Individual Learning Contract" in the title. Your faculty's evaluation will include your unique contract title (in bold)in the description of your contract. We encourage you to re-state your title as well within the beginning paragraph of your own self-evaluation - however, it is not necessary.

The date fields are automatically created and will be in the same format of the dates that appear in your faculty's evaluation of you. The reason for moving the evaluation forms to a more automated format is to promote consistency between your self-evaluations and the faculty's evaluation of you in your transcript - before March 2007 there have been many inconsistencies. Your transcript will appear in alignment with the new form - more so than in the past.

What if I can't find my self-evaluation after saving it?

The evaluation text box is sensitive to special or unique characters when students cut and paste their self-evaluation text from one application, such as Microsoft Word, to the online application text box. The application can not save characters it does not recognize, hence your evaluation is not saved. This problem has been identified by the technical support team and an automated solution is being worked on. If you happen to have this problem, you can resolve the problem yourself by typing or retyping your self-evaluation directly into the text box and not using the cut/paste option. If you are still having problems please contact the Student Help Desk at 867-6231.

What do I do if my cursor is missing or the text box won't allow me to edit?

The technical team has identified that using the evaluation application is not very compatible with the browser known as Safari. Please use Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Firefox when writing your self-evaluation. If you are still having problems please contact the Student Help Desk at 867-6231.

I'm having problems when pasting into my evaluation

The symptom is an "Error 500". If you're experiencing this problem, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you're using a recommended browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  • If you plan to copy and paste the body of your eval from Word, make sure to paste using the special "Paste from Word" button Pastefromword.png located in the tool bar above the area where the Evaluation is to be typed.
  • If pasting your evaluation doesn't work, try typing the text in manually.
  • Be sure and report bugs to the Computer Center or email evaluations@evergreen.edu.

Where are my evaluations stored that I already completed in myEvals prior to March 9, 2007?

The Evaluation Creator students used prior to March 12, 2007 can be accessed via the new Evaluations application. If a link is not provided please contact evaluations@evergreen.edu.

What if my course/program/contract is not listed as a choice in order to create a self-evaluation?

If you are not able to choose from the course/program/contract when creating a new self-evaluation, then this means that you are currently not enrolled for the course/program/contract. Please contact Registration & Records 360.867.6180.

What if my faculty is not listed as a choice in order to create an evaluation of faculty?

If the faculty member you had is not listed as a choice please contact Registration & Records 360.867.6180.

Where do I turn in my evaluations?

Student self-evaluations and summative self-evaluation can be mailed or delivered directly to the Registration & Records Office.