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Gaps in coverage -

The gaps in coverage in the SOUP will probably be there for a long time. If your laptop doesn't work very well there, or in spots in the library, or in SEM2 (where there will be more wireless soon), you might take a look at a portable wireless router which you can plug into an ethernet jack to get your own wireless hub.

D-Link Wireless Pocket Router/AP


$40 or so on-line, plus shipping; $49 from Amazon including shipping...


Apple's Airport Express does this too, plus other cool stuff:


But it's $119 with the student discount, and their site's collecting a list of complaints about the unit burning out after 18 months or so.

Or you might want to try improving your laptop's antenna with a miniature USB plug-in external antenna - especially if it has a metal case, like my beloved Mac titanium Powerbook.