Evergreening Technology - workshop for Hop On Pop

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What you need to know about Evergreen's technology resources

Must have computing skills:

  • Manipulating digital images
  • Basic Word processing
  • Comfort w/ both Mac and Windows OS, Linux is up and coming
  • File management skills
  • Ability to create a spreadsheet

What are some additional technology tools that you should know about?

  • Questions about iGoogle demo?
    • Calendar
    • Notebook
    • Google Docs
  • Delicious - everybody sign up for an account
    • Firefox tools for making adding bookmarks to delicious even easier
  • RSS - what is this, how can I read RSS feeds?

Technology fundamentals

How does the internet work

All these tools are on the web. Do you really know how the internet works?

  • What does a web browser actually do.
  • Anatomy of a URL
    • protocol > domain > directory > filename
    • deep links, how do I navigate a website when there's no navigation?

How do search engines work?

  • html tags of interest: <title>, <meta>, <h1>, <h2>
    • what ever happened to the meta tag?
    • Check a page using SEOmoz
  • Why do you care? Google yourself and marvel at the results.