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Evergreen email settings are nearly universal whether you are setting up Mac Mail or an Android Phone. Remember that your computer or device must support the Microsoft Exchange Protocol.
Exchange Setup.png

Basic Setup for all Clients

  • Install or locate your Mail Application. For Windows users this should be Outlook, Mac Mail for Mac users, and the "Mail" or "Email" app for both Android and iPhone.
  • Most clients will ask what type of email you are setting up. Choose "Exchange," "Microsoft Exchange," or on some phones "Corporate."
  • When asked to fill in your email address, supply your complete Evergreen email address as noted in the right hand image
  • The password is the same password used for your account
  • The address for the Exchange Mail Server is (Android users may have to enter this manually during setup.)

For Apple mobile devices see: IPhone-iPad Exchange Mail Setup

Common Errors

  • If your mail program says "cannot validate server" or "no server found" try manually entering the following server: or