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Multimedia Lab Proficiency

Multimedia Lab Use Guidelines

Creating a Final Cut Project

Scratch Disk - FCP

File Management

  • REMEMBER: there's a difference between CLIPS and MEDIA. The MEDIA files are the actual information that you filmed in the camera. They are stored on your User Drive folder under "Capture Scratch". The clips are like pointers or representations that symbolize the information.
  • This means that you can change the length of a clip in your timeline without altering the media. You can also cut a clip into several pieces and use them in different parts of your film. The media will remain intact.
  • This also means that you must preserve the relationship between the clip and the media. Final Cut Pro has to be able to find the media that goes with your clip. If for some reason you change the location of the media, Final Cut will not be able to to locate it, and the clip will go blank and say "off-line". It's possible to reconnect it if you've labeled things correctly--ask a lab aide for help.
  • Your PROJECT file (which you named) contains all the information about the clips you've logged and transferred, and the work you've done in the timeline. It is like a RECIPE that tells Final Cut Pro what ingredients you used and how you put them together.
  • Your User Drive folder should include:
  • Your project file.
  • Capture Scratch
  • Audio Render files
  • Video Render files